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Kanna First Principles

Last Updated: December 31, 2019
Our first principles directly reflect on the work we do. We hold these values near and dear to our heart and it has a strong influence on the culture we're building at Kanna.

1. The Power of Love

Love is at the heart of peace, freedom and connectedness.

- We are sensitive to the life choices of others.

- We transcend professional and human personas.

2. Extreme Ownership 

Accountability is a crutch.

- We own everything in our world.

- We deliver on what we say.

3. There's Only Bad Leadership

Leadership is ultimately responsible for everything. 

- We are leaders at all levels. 

- We don’t preach excellence, we tolerate it. 

4. Believing Is The First Step

Believe fully in the best idea and others will too.

- We kill ideas fast.

- We let the best ideas live.

5. Where Draws Out How

Destinations come before directions.

- We’re clear about where we’re going.

- We use the end to guide how we get there.

6. Beware The Ego

Personal ambitions are seconded to group objectives.

- We are humble and honorable.

- We don’t say we’re experts, we say that we’re beginners.

7. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Good plans executed today are better than perfect ones next week.

- We make simple, clear, objective based plans. 

- We prioritize and execute relentlessly. 

8. Keep It Simple

Simplicity is function first, form second.

- We start with First Principles 

- We build elementally. 

9. Decentralized Command

Psychological safety is the foundation of everything. 

- We always understand leaderships intent. 

- We have authority to experiment and act within that intent.

10. Lead Down And Up

Leadership is a group of leaders working together. 

- We over communicate in all directions.

- We don’t ask what to do, we tell what we’re going to do.

11. Discipline = Freedom

The only thing that matters is doing it.

- We learn and experience as much as we can.

- We sacrifice in the short term to gain in the long.

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