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Kanna: COVID-19 Update

Hi Kanna Family,

We know that the current COVID-19 crisis is affecting everyone and we want you to know that we're doing our part to not only keep people safe, but to provide essential income when many businesses have been forced to close. The cannabis industry has been deemed essential by the U.S government and the State of Oklahoma as it falls under medical needs. To continue providing these essential services, we're still facilitating current jobs on our platform. We're in constant communication with the farms we work with in order to provide them the most up-to-date CDC guidelines to help protect workers during this pandemic.

We also know that many Americans are currently living in a reality where they've been laid off, with no clear timeline for when they can get back to work. Beginning April 27th, we're offering a training platform for any displaced workers who want to train to become a cannabis worker, and we will open new jobs to workers as and when the conditions are deemed safe to do so.

We've always been committed to helping farms be productive and prosperous, and nothing makes us happier than seeing trainees flourish in new careers. Kanna will continue to stand by every producer in Oklahoma and do our part to offer jobs to those who need them during this time of crisis.

In the meantime, please let us know if there's anything else we can be doing to help.

Kanna Team

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